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Kimberly Harris, Motivational Speaker

Kimberly Harris, Motivational Speaker

Kimberly Harris is a happy, high-achieving 17 year old who plays the saxophone, mentors and tutors others, does well academically, writes as an assistant editor for her school newspaper —all the things you’d expect to read in a HS bio. But she is also a motivational speaker; a leader who, with her sister and her family, has opened a free health clinic in Jamaica; raised money to deliver food and medical treatment to underserved people; worked with doctors and nurses to conduct medical screenings; met and presented to government leaders here and in Jamaica; and been the subject of motivational stories in electronic and print media. To get a sense of her personality and energy levels, consider what she did last summer:

In the summer on 2014 ALONE:
• Kimberly volunteered in Brooklyn at Rehoboth Open Bible Church’s summer camp program for the fourth year in a row. She spent the month of July teaching, supervising, and helping the children to learn and grow.
• She completed a summer course in forensic science at Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C. There, she was instructed by FBI agents, DEA agents, and other specialists in the field.
• Directly after this course, she participated as a guest speaker at the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, presenting at Hunter College.
• She spent the month of August on an annual mission’s trip to Jamaica. Aside from the art-and-crafts activities she normally does with children, she also assisted doctors and nurses with the testing of blood glucose and pressure while also counseling patients.
• Kimberly was the guest speaker at Montpelier Baptist Church, a Sunday on which her foundation was awarded by the pastor for six consecutive years of outreach in that community.
• After all this, she still found time to intern alongside a mortician at Robert’s Funeral Home, in Jamaica.

Now let’s start at the beginning…

Kimberly has been recognized for her academic excellence since pre-school. At the Little Paradise Pre-School she had leading roles in various plays and was named valedictorian of her graduating class. As a five year-old, she captured the audience with a powerful speech and her exemplary performance prompted the school to invite her back the following year as a guest speaker for the 2004 graduating class. This was the first and only time that a child was the school’s guest speaker at the graduation. She received a standing ovation.

Kimberly attended the Ebenezer Preparatory School, a grade K-8 school in Brooklyn, NY. In her first year she was the spelling bee champion for her age group, and was also voted best all rounded student in 2007. She left as an honor roll student with a 98% average.

She attended I.S. 98 Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences (a junior high school), where she excelled in science, consistently made the honor roll, and eventually graduated with a 98% average. In the summer of 2006, she was one of the scholars of the National Young Scholars Program (NYSP) at the prestigious Union College in Schenectady, New York where she took a course in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). The Junior Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference selected Kimberly to attend the Inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington, DC. She also attended the Junior Presidential Youth Inaugural Conferences which featured keynotes by Al Gore, former Vice President, Gen. Colin Powell and others.

In May 2007, Kimberly was invited to Jamaica as the guest speaker at the Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness conference, which was attended by the then Governor General of Jamaica, The Hon. Sir Howard Cooke.

That same year, Kimberly was also a speaker at a Youth Symposium, held at the Jamaica Consulate in New York where she, later in 2008, introduced Mrs. Lorna Golding, wife of then Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding.

In Nov 2010, the 67th Police Precinct Community Council honored Kimberly as “Youth of the Year” for her community services as well as a Special Congressional Award for “outstanding and invaluable service to the community”. She received a congratulatory certificate from Marty Markowitz, Borough President. She was also given a City Council Citation by Council Member Jumaane Williams due to her awareness of the importance of volunteerism. She was asked to be on the Anti-Violent Youth Committee. In June, 2012 Kimberly was awarded the “Youth Excellence Award” by the Brooklyn Farragut Lions Club, in addition to citations from both the New York City Council and the New York State Assembly to mark the occasion.

Kimberly currently attends Midwood High School, where she is part of the Big Sister mentorship program and writes for the school newspaper as an assistant editor. She is scheduled to graduate in June of 2015.

Kimberly, along with her sister, Nekhidia, are co-founders of the Harris Annual Back to School Treat and Health Fair, which is an outreach ministry sponsored by their charity, the Harris Family Vision Foundation, Inc. (HFVF), that provides school uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, scholarships, bibles, etc. to needy inner-city youths.

Each summer, Kim hosted HFVF annual back-to-school treats and health fairs, taking blood pressure, sugar-glucose tests, HIV Screening, eye-screening tests and provided medical assistance to some persons who could not have otherwise access these services. Each year thousands of people in inner-city and rural communities in Jamaica receives these services. Two school feeding programs are also implemented in two schools in Jamaica. Through Kimberly’s initiative at least 150 children receive a hot meal each day.

To date, close to 20 well deserving young people are the proud recipients of two HFVF Scholarships. She has donated her time and funds to several organizations. In NY Kimberly spends a lot of time mentoring and motivating children and adults on disabilities, having a purpose on this earth, value of education and awareness of people living with disabilities, due to her elder sister being born disabled. In addition, Kimberly has volunteered at her church’s summer camp for the past few years, teaching and helping the children to learn and grow.

Some of the places are Boys and Girls High School, Shellbank Junior High School, youth groups, and churches. Overseas, Kimberly mentors and motivates hundreds of children, even her mid-winter break was spent in Jamaica mentoring and serving children, visiting the elderly at St Monica Nursing Home in Jamaica. On previous occasions she mentored @ the SOS Children’s Village Rose and many schools and inner-city communities.

On August 13th, 2012, Kimberly and her sister, Nekhidia, opened their foundation’s 1st FREE Health Clinic & Recreation center in Madras, a rural community in Jamaica, WI. The clinic serves Madras and six (6) adjoining districts. Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson, the Minister of Health of Jamaica, was the main speaker at the clinic’s opening ceremony. He also cut the ribbon to officially open it to the public.

Kimberly’s parents always encouraged her sound leadership qualities; they support all her talents and help her to always think positively, to be well disciplined, stay focused, be a model human being, and understand the power of knowledge when used appropriately.

Kimberly plays the saxophone, piano, drums, and volleyball. She also loves to read, write short works, and study history. Kimberly was baptized on her 10th birthday. She has a passion to help and mentor children, and continues to inspire adults as well. Most of all, she loves the Lord.

Media Contributions:
Jamaica Bess FM 100 - Tomorrow’s People w/DJ String @ 4:00PM (2008-2009)
True Caribbean Radio 91.9 FM - Redemption Sunday w/ Sister Pat @ 8:00AM (2009-2011)
Grace Deliverance Radio 92.1 FM - Encourage Yourself w/ Dr. Hopeton Lewis @8:00AM (2011-2014)

Harris Family Vision Foundation Radio Ministry / – Encourage Yourself w/ DJ Nikki (2014- Present)

Nekhidia Ruth Harris, “Strength, Faith & Endurance”

Nekhidia Ruth Harris
“Strength, Faith & Endurance”

Nekhidia Harris, “Nikki” a mysterious, miracle child was born with a physical disability on October 15, 1994. The prognosis given by her doctors was very grim. She was given a life expectancy not exceeding three days. The hopeless news from doctors only inspired her parents, friends, relatives, and well wishers to shower her with prayers to God, great attention, and lots of love and affection.

Today Nekhidia is a vibrant 20 year old with lots of aspirations and pride. She was encouraged to let nothing alter her thoughts and ways from achieving life-long goals, and to never, ever entertain self-pity. Her parents taught her to perceive herself as intelligent, thoughtful, understanding, and caring, and never to focus on her size. Constant encouragement and positive reinforcement from parents, sister and friends has caused Nekhidia to develop high self-esteem, charm, and a personality that captures the heart.

Nekhidia, an Arista & Archon honor roll student graduated from Shell Bank Junior High (was a guest speaker at the event) with a 91% average and currently maintains the status of an A student at the Edward R. Morrow High School in New York. Due to her academic achievements, positive attitude, and advocacy for her peers, she gained the respect of the staff and her schoolmates.

Nekhidia plays the violin, recorder, is a ballet and jazz dancer, and even tried at gymnastics.

She exhibited many special qualities during her years at her elementary school, PS 279 in Brooklyn, NY and was honored with three prestigious awards at graduation in 2005.

One special award from The City of New York Blanche Schwartz was presented to her with these humbling words: “In recognition of your outstanding qualities, your contributions to the school and society, we salute you.”
The CSA award hails your courage, goals and perseverance, and your wonderful attitude. You are an inspiration to all of us.”
Nikki's other award was the Principal and Personal Triumph award.

In 2007, she was given an award for achievement in Mathematics and was honored as Student of the Month for January.

Nekhidia was also a speaker at the 2007 Youth Symposium held at the Jamaica Consulate in New York.

In November of 2010, Nikki was given a City Council Citation from Council Member Jumaane Williams at the 67th Precinct’s Community Council Fundraising Awards Dinner & Dance.

Nekhidia, along with her sister, Kimberly, are co-founders of the Harris Annual Back to School Treat and Health Fair, which is an outreach ministry sponsored by their organization, The Harris Family Vision Foundation, Inc. that provides school uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, bibles, etc. to needy inner-city youths of Jamaica. School feeding programs are also implemented in two schools in Jamaica. In addition, for the past four years, she and her sister have ministered at annually at Fletcher’s Grove Baptist Church in Hanover, Jamaica, WI.

On August 17th, 2012, Nekhidia and her sister Kimberly opened their foundation’s 1st FREE Health Clinic in Madras, rural Jamaica, WI.

She graduated from Edward R. Murrow High School, where she will be received 2 special award on June 6, 2012 prior to her graduation. In June 2015, Nekhidia graduated from Kingsborough College and will attend Medgar Evers College starting Fall 2015. She plans to become a social worker.

Brooklyn, NY: Gave exhortation at Rehoboth Open Bible Church

Brooklyn, NY: Speaker @ Shiloh Seventh-Day Adventist

Brooklyn, NY: Janet Lewis Gospel Concert

Jamaica: HFVF Annual Back- School Treats & Health Fairs and Evangelizing (annually)

Mt Vernon, NY: Unity with Love Family Gospel Concert.

Brooklyn, NY: Boys and Girls High School, Motivational Speaker

Glengoffe, Jamaica: Grateful Hill Methodist Church, Retired Principal Award Ceremony

Hanover, Jamaica: Fletchers Grove Baptist Church - Speaker

Westmoreland, Jamaica: Launched healthy feeding program for Enfield Primary and Basic schools

August Town, Jamaica: Supplied sports equipment to Police Youth Club

Kingston, Jamaica: BESS FM Radio, co-hosted “Tomorrow’s People” radio show, motivating children and honoring three police officers on behalf of The Harris Family Vision Foundation, Inc.

Jamaica: Guest Speaker, The Harris Family Vision Foundation Inc. Principals and Teachers Award Ceremony

Brooklyn, NY: speaker, Shell Bank Junior High School Graduation Ceremony

Jamaica Consulate, NY: motivational speaker and introduced sister Kimberly at the Youth Symposium as one of the speakers

Presented back to school treats, Rose Town Community Center and SOS Children’s Village, Stony Hill, St Andrew

Jamaica: motivational speaker, The Little Flock of Jesus Christ

Kingston, Jamaica: addressed children with disabilities and introduced sister Kimberly as the Keynote Speaker, Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness – MAP Keepers Club launching with Yvonne Coke, founder and former Governor General, Hon. Sir Howard Cooke.