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Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization

About Our Charitable Fund-Raising in Brooklyn, NY

Hello, we're Micheal and Dasline Harris. The Harris Family Vision Foundation, Inc. and our charitable fund-raising in Brooklyn, NY was founded by our daughters, Kimberly Harris at age 9 and her sister, Nekhidia Harris at age 11.

As their parents, we had been doing outreach work for years, and they were inspired by that. Our foundation consists of:

HFVF Executive Officers

• Michael Harris, President
• Telbert Roberts, Vice President, CARICOM
• Isaiah Harris, Vice President
• Sharon Young, Secretary
• Angela Ellis, Asst. Secretary
• Dasline Harris, Treasurer
• Millicent Clarke, Asst. Treasurer
• Marline Clarke, Asst. Treasurer, CARICOM
• Vernice Lynch, Regional Director, CARICOM

Board of Directors

• Nekhidia Harris, Co-Founder
• Kimberly Harris, Co-Founder
• Salomie Roberts, CARICOM Fundraising Officer
• Elsie Fletcher,
• Junior Bishop,
• Merlene Dinnal
• Hugh Wright
• Joan Currie
• Gwendolyn Gabbidon-Harris
• George Hamblin
• Angela Turner

HFVF Advisory Board

• Rev. Michael Bacchus
• Rev. Dr. Robert Daley, CARICOM
• Claudette Daley, CARICOM
• Pastor Winifred Hall, CARICOM
• Dr. Prudence Osei-Tutu
• Carmel Warren
• Pastor Debra John
• Dr. Vidya Reddy


Contact us in Brooklyn, New York, for information on our charitable organization.